Cover & Blurb Reveal: The Curse of the Blood Legacy

Cover & Blurb Reveal: The Curse of the Blood Legacy


I am excited to finally share the cover and the blurb for The Curse of the Blood Legacy with you.


A coven at risk. An unimaginable sacrifice. Delphine is at a crossroads, and she must choose now before it’s too late.

With a wedding just around the corner, Delphine Villere should be trying on dresses and tasting cakes. Instead, she’s researching a way to end an impending vampire attack on her coven.

For over a hundred years, Oliver has had a vendetta against the Bruel coven and he’s hellbent on getting his revenge.

After a devastating blow to the coven, Delphine uncovers a spell that can help prevent another attack, but it comes at a steep price: her life. Forced to choose between saving her coven and sacrificing herself, there’s only one thing left for Delphine to do.


The Curse of the Blood Legacy, can be found exclusively in the Rite to Reign box set, one click and preorder your copy today! 


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